Reducing Antenatal Health Inequalities: Outcome Focused Evidence into Action Guidance

This guidance details the specific actions needed to strengthen antenatal healthcare at NHS Board and national level.


Dr Catriona McDonald (Chair)

Independent Public Health Consultant

Dr Claire Alexander

Consultant Obstetrician, RIE

Sally Beautyman

Health Improvement Project Officer, NES

Dr Catherine Calderwood

Senior Medical Officer, Women and Children's Health, Scottish Government

Dr James Chalmers

Consultant in Public Health Medicine, Information Services Division ( ISD)

Pauline Craig

Public Health Programme Manager, Glasgow Centre of Population Health

Wayne Duffy

Policy Officer, Maternal and Infant Health, Scottish Government

Christine Duncan

Change Manager, Maternal and Infant Health, Scottish Government

Ann Holmes

Consultant Midwife

Rosemary Hill

Participation Network Manager, Scottish Health Council

Ann Kerr

Team Head, Health Living, NHS Health Scotland

Leslie Marr

Reproductive Health Programme Co-ordinator, NHSQIS

Vicky Milne

Senior Research Officer, Health Analytical Services, Scottish Government

Anncris Roberts

Early Education and Childcare, Scottish Government

Gail Trotter

Family Nurse Partnership Implementation Lead, Early Years, Scottish Government

Sylvia Shearer

Branch Head/Policy Analyst, Maternal and Infant Health, Scottish Government

Andy Bruce

Health Improvement and Health Inequalities, Scottish Government

Dr Sara Twaddle

Health Improvement and Inequalities, Scottish Government

Carolyn Wilson

Branch Manager, Early Years, Scottish Government

Maria Wilson

Head of Midwifery, NHS Lothian

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