Recruitment: candidate guide

A detailed guide for applicants interested in applying for a job with the Scottish Government.

Use of reserve lists

We may create reserve lists for the recruitment of positions advertised at the Scottish Government.  

Reserve lists are used to identify qualified candidates who have passed the assessment, but who have not been offered a position due to merit order rankings. If the offer is rejected by the successful candidate, the reserve list will enable the offer to be extended to the next highest ranked candidate on the reserve list.

Reserve lists can be also used to offer similar roles at the same grade and a lower grade. Positions will be offered in merit order and in line with Civil Service Commission principles.

Reserve lists typically operate for a maximum of 1 year, after which they are no longer used. Candidates placed on a reserve list will be notified by the recruitment team and contacted if a suitable position becomes available.


The Scottish Government Recruitment Team:

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