Racing Pigeon Register - Scotland

This guidance is designed to assist in understanding the specific requirements that allow GB racing pigeons to be taken into agreeable EU member states and Northern Ireland for immediate release back to GB without a period of quarantine, providing certain requirements are met including establishment (loft) registration.

All Racing Pigeons exported from Great Britain (GB) to the EU or Northern Ireland (NI) for the purpose of immediate release for racing back to GB must complete an Export Health Certificate (EHC) before doing so. The EHC, associated guidance on Official Veterinarian (OV) signing of certification and arranging movement of racing pigeons is available on Gov.UK webpages.

Part of the requirement of the EHC is that the establishments (lofts) housing these pigeons must be registered with the Competent Authority. Pigeon lofts that do not wish to engage in racing from the EU or NI are unaffected by these changes..

In Scotland, the Racing Pigeon Register will be operated on behalf of Scottish Ministers by ScotEID.

Who should sign up

Registration should be completed by all operators of Racing Pigeons in Scotland who wish to export their pigeons to the EU or NI for immediate release back to GB. 

How to sign up

If you are a Racing Pigeon operator in Scotland you can apply online through the Racing Pigeon Register or call 01466 794323.

Requirements of registration

Specific requirements for the loft you wish to register are that:

  • all racing pigeons at the loft must be vaccinated against Newcastle disease annually and must not have been vaccinated against avian influenza
  • the loft must have undergone at least an annual vet visit which includes an assessment of, and provision of relevant information on, signs of the occurrence of diseases, including the listed diseases referred to in Annex I to Delegated Regulation (EU) 2020/692 and diseases notifiable and reportable in GB which are relevant to captive birds and a record that the visit has occurred is retained
  • records for the loft are retained and made available for inspection on request for at least three years

During the registration process you will be required to confirm that your loft meets the above requirements through a process of ‘self-declaration’.

You may also be selected at random by Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) and asked to submit a copy of your signed declaration and copies of your records as set out in the declaration form. Failure to submit and/or retain required records may lead to your registration being suspended.

Details of establishments where registration has been suspended due to non-compliance will be published on GOV.UK.

What you'll need to provide

You will need the following information to join the register:

  • name of the operator
  • full address (including postcode) of each loft being registered
  • landline number (if applicable)
  • mobile phone number
  • email address
  • number of pigeons usually kept at the loft 

Upon registration

Upon successful registration ScotEID will send you email confirmation that you have successfully registered.

Each loft you register will be allocated a County Parish Holding (CPH) number. The CPH is a nine digit number and is the unique code allocated to the loft where your pigeons are kept. It will be used to complete the EHC required to export racing pigeons from GB to the EU or NI for the purpose of immediate release for racing back to GB. 

The declaration made during the registration process will be valid for 12 months, after which you will be contacted by ScotEID to confirm that your loft still meets the requirements of registration.

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