Race equality action plan: year two progress update

Update to stakeholders from the Race Equality Action Plan programme board.

This report provides a concise interim update to stakeholders on progress made in the second year of the Race Equality Action Plan (REAP). It is not intended to provide an exhaustive update of progress against all actions in the REAP. We will do that in the final report to Parliament in 2021. 

Section 3 describes our wider work to embed equality across all our areas of policy and delivery, which will be critical to advancing race equality. This includes work ‘behind the scenes’ to identify/unpick structural discrimination; reviewing and rebuilding our systems and processes so that we can deliver meaningful, lasting change. 

Section 4 provides a snapshot of the progress we have made during the first two years of the REAP, and section 5 sets out our priorities for the third and final year of the REAP. Both sections 4 and 5 highlight the most significant activities in the areas of  education, health, housing, poverty, communities and participation/ representation.

Section 6 describes how we will deliver these priorities in year 3 of the REAP, and sets out next steps, up to and beyond the end of the REAP.

Race Equality Action Plan: year two progress update
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