Race Equality Action Plan programme board minutes: March 2020

Minutes from the meeting of Race Equality Action Plan (REAP) programme board, held on 5 March 2020.

Published in draft – minutes have not been formally signed off by the Board due to COVID-19

Attendees and apologies


  • Paul Johnston, Director-General, Education, Communities & Justice (chair)
  • David Wallace, Chief Executive, Social Security Scotland
  • Gavin Henderson, Deputy Director Civil Law and Legal System
  • Graeme Logan, Director of Learning
  • Joe Griffin, Director for Early Learning and Childcare
  • Kaliani Lyle, independent member
  • Laic Khalique, Deputy Non-Executive Director
  • Lisa Bird, Deputy Director EHRTS
  • Nicky Richards, Director, People Directorate 
  • Sean Neill, Deputy Director Health Workforce
  • Shirley Laing, Interim Director, Housing and Social Justice
  • Mandy Watts, Race Employment, Fair and Inclusive Workplaces Unit (for Dominic Munro)
  • Jess Dolan, Joint Head Equality Unit
  • Joanne Streeter, Head of Diversity and Inclusion


  • Dominic Munro, Director for Fair Work, Employability and Skills
  • Stephen Gallagher, Director, Local Government and Communities (covered by Lisa Bird)


  • Hilary Third, Equality Unit
  • Harry Dozier, Equality Unit

Items and actions


Paul welcomed everyone to the latest meeting of the Race Equality Action Plan (REAP) Programme Board. This was to be a short ‘check-in’ meeting to discuss the publication of the REAP year 2 report and agenda for the upcoming Board development day. 

Year 2 report

The group discussed the publication of the Race Equality Action Plan year 2 report on 20 March. The Minister was largely content with the report with minor amends.

The Board thanked all involved with the work detailed in the report as well as those who helped bring the report together. They noted that the report should accurately reflect the ambitions of the government as well as the work that had been to date.

The Board was largely happy with the report and agreed to have any final amends to the Equality Unit by 11 March. Simultaneously the Equality Unit would engage with their race intermediaries and the academics who gave evidence at the EHRiC session in December for feedback. The report would then be sent to the minister for final sign off.

The Board agreed that the report should be noted by the First Minister and Permanent Secretary to consider potential cabinet engagement. 

Development day and year 2 conference

The Board was aware of the potential disruption that COVID-19 (Cornavirus) posed to the development of the Board’s development day (4 May) and year 2 Conference (10 June). They agree to consider alternative ways of hosting the events while continuing to watch the development of the spread of the virus. 

The Board agreed it was worth considering widening the invite for the morning learning session to other public bodies. It would be important for others in public sector to hear learn from experts.

The afternoon for the development day would be focussed on the Board working to agree its methodology going forward for year 3 and beyond. 

Next meeting

  • development day, 4 May, venue TBC
  • Board meeting, 5 May, SAH


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