Queen Elizabeth University Hospital/NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Oversight Board: interim report

This interim report sets out the initial findings and recommendations developed to date through the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Oversight Board’s programme of work in response to the infection issues affecting the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and the Royal Hospital for Children.

Annex C: Stages of Escalation in NHS Scotland Board Performance Escalation Framework

Stage Description Response
Stage 1 Steady state 'on-plan' and normal reporting Surveillance through published statistics and scheduled engagement of ARs/MYRs
Stage 2 Some variation from plan; possible delivery risk if no action Local Recovery Plan – advice and support tailored if necessary. Increased surveillance and monitoring Scottish Government. SG Directors aware.
Stage 3 Significant variation from plan; risks materialising; tailored support required Formal Recovery Plan agreed with Scottish Government. Milestones and responsibilities clear. External expert support. Relevant SG Directors engaged with CEO and top team. The Chief Executive of NHS Scotland is aware.
Stage 4 Significant risks to delivery, quality, financial performance or safety; senior level external support required Transformation team reporting to the Chief Executive of NHS Scotland.
Stage 5 Organisational structure/configuration unable to deliver effective care. Ministerial powers of Intervention.


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