Qualitative research to explore the implications for private rented sector tenants and landlords of longer term and moresecure tenancy

This report outlines findings from qualitative research exploring private rented sector tenants' and landlords' knowledge and understanding of the current tenancy, including its advantages and disadvantages. It outlines tenants' and landlords' views and responses to a range of longer term and more secure tenancy options, including the perceived advantages and disadvantages of each.

Appendix 2

Pre-discussion Information

Please could you provide some information about your experience as a tenant renting in the private sector. We would like to gather this information in advance of the meeting so that we can focus on the issues and gathering your views at the discussion group. The information will only be used to develop an understanding of who we have spoken to and will not be shared with any other parties. All information will be held securely (under the terms of the Data Protection Act) and will only be kept until the research has been completed.

If possible, please complete this form online at: [website address]. Alternatively, please could you bring the information along to the group.

Appendix 2 Pre-discussion Information form
Appendix 2 Pre-discussion Information form


Email: Elinor Findlay

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