Pupil Support Staff Working Group minutes: November 2020

Agenda from the meeting of the group on 4 November 2020.

Attendees and apologies


  • David Roy, Scottish Government
  • Deborah Lynch, Scottish Government
  • Tracy Manning, Scottish Government 
  • Frances Foreman, Education Scotland 
  • Peter McNaughton, ADES  
  • Simon Cameron, Cosla
  • Dougie Atkinson, Voice
  • Maria Pridden, Unison
  • Janette Kerr, ASLO (Education Support Officer Dundee City Council)
  • Sally Cavers, Children in Scotland

Items and actions


  • welcome and introductions
  • agree note of last meeting
  • review of Additional Support for Learning – SG/CoSLA response (Deborah)
  • revised terms of reference of Working Group (Tracy)/feedback from local government on direction of travel (Peter)
  • understanding roles and responsibilities (Simon and Jeannette) 
  • professional learning up-date (Fran)
  • next steps
  • AOB 
  • date of next meeting 

Action points from 24 September 2020:

  • Matthew/Simon - to consider how we develop a better understanding of differing roles and responsibilities and feedback at next meeting
  • Tracy/David - to consider terms of reference in light of current circumstances and to circulate various materials people offered
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