Pupil Support Staff Working Group minutes: June 2023

minutes from the meeting of the group on 13 June 2023.

Attendees and apologies

  • Zak Tuck

  • Lucinda Fass  

  • Fran Foreman 

  • Bernadette Casey 

  • Janette Kerr 

  • Jo Fell 

  • Maria Pridden 

  • Peter McNaughton 

  • David Mackay 


  • Stuart Robb 

  • Louise Wright  

  • Simon Cameron  

  • Annie Watson 

  • John Urquhart  

  • Chris Ross 

Items and actions

Welcome & Introductions 

The Chair welcomed members to the meeting.

Minutes of Previous Meeting 

No amendments. 

Update on Engagement Programme from Education Scotland 

The Engagement Programme is nearing completion and is currently in the process of being condensed so that a summary version can be made available. The aim is to publish final report in July. How to distribute this work so its accessible for all Pupil Support Staff (PSS) is still being considered, along with a potential communications plan for the publication. It is important that the relevant people in local authorities are aware and familiarise themselves with this report.

People Support Staff are generally supportive of the vision and values, but there is not much awareness that they exist. The PSS Working Group has no remit for pay, but this was overwhelmingly raised as an issue during engagement process.

Access to technology and lack of access to the national induction programme were also highlighted. Over 50,000 entries were received, so a summarised version will be made available. A soft launch is planned by the end of July to ensure that the workforce sees and hears that something is being done.

Action: Secretariat will speak to SG analysts on changes to Pupil Support Staff number

Update on Bute House Commitment from Scottish Government – Registration and Qualifications for Pupil Support Staff:

The Chair confirmed the Exploration Group have spoken to a range of stakeholders to get ideas on registration and qualifications including CLDSC, Welsh Assembly and ASLO.

A stakeholder workshop in the Autumn will be the basis for the report and recommendations.

Children in Scotland Project – Care Experience and Pupil Support Staff:

Chirldren in Scotland (CiS) is funded to develop a new learning programme for PSS working with kids with care experience. They are recruiting two groups to co-design the programme for care-experienced young people. The main work will run from September to March 2024.

Action - CHIS to provide updates on the programme.

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