The statistics in this release are based on administrative records and surveys of individual public sector bodies carried out by the Scottish Government and the Office for National Statistics (ONS). This is a snapshot of employment as at September 2015. The publication includes information on public sector employment in Scotland with distinctions made for employment in devolved bodies and reserved bodies (located in Scotland).

4. Reserved Public Sector Employment in Scotland; Headcount (see Table 5)

This section provides a summary of reserved public sector employment which includes:

  • Reserved Civil Service (see section 5);
  • Armed Forces;
  • Reserved Public Corporations and Public Sector Financial Institutions;
  • Other Reserved Public Bodies (which covers Non-Departmental Bodies and other bodies).

The number of people employed in the reserved public sector decreased by 1,000 (-1.6%) to 57,100 in Q3 2015. This is mainly due to some reserved public sector organisations being sold to private companies.

The estimated reserved public sector excluding the effects of the major reclassifications would have decreased by 1,100 (-2.4%) from 44,300 in Q3 2014 to 43,200 in Q3 2015.

Chart 5 shows the composition of the reserved public sector as at Q3 2015.

Chart 5: Breakdown of Reserved Public Sector Employment by Sector, Headcount, Q3 2015


Over the year:

  • Employment levels for the Reserved Civil Service down by 100 (-0.2%);
  • Employment levels for Public Corporations & Public Sector Financial Institutions[4] down by 1,000 (-7.7%);
  • Employment levels for the Armed Forces down by 10 (-0.1%);
  • Employment levels for Public Bodies up by 100 (+1.3%).


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