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Public procurement: governance

Published: 1 Oct 2018

Overview of the governance structure of public procurement for Scotland, including the Public Procurement Group.

1 Oct 2018
Public procurement: governance

Public procurement for Scotland's vision is 'to use our collective spending power to deliver sustainable and inclusive economic growth'.

There are four Procurement Centres of Expertise in Scotland, which between them, provide support and guidance to all public sector bodies. They are:

Public Procurement Group (PPG)

The heads of the four Centres of Expertise along with senior Scottish Government procurement officials make up the Public Procurement Group (PPG) which sets the direction for public procurement for Scotland.

The PPG also commissions and monitors progress against dedicated workstreams with a single focus. Participants from across sectors and organisations will maximise effective delivery within these. PPG publish a quarterly highlights blog with cross-sector updates.

All activity under the remit of the PPG aligns to our four 'power of procurement' outcomes:

  • Good for businesses and their employees
  • Good for places and communities
  • Good for society
  • Open and connected

Procurement Supply Group

The Procurement Supply Group is made up of representatives from business, third sector and trade unions.

Its remit is to:

  • provide an ongoing framework for dialogue about, and influence upon, public procurement practices as they affect suppliers
  • support the Public Procurement Group and Strategic Forums in delivering the national priorities and PPFS workplan