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Public Health Scotland: analysis of consultation responses

Published: 14 Aug 2019
Population Health Directorate
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Health and social care

An analysis of the responses to the consultation for Public Health Scotland (PHS).

Public Health Scotland: analysis of consultation responses


This report has presented summary findings from the analysis of responses to the Scottish Government's consultation, "A consultation on the new national public health body 'Public Health Scotland'." The response rate was good, indicating a high level of engagement, and the broad range of organisations that contributed their considered thoughts and views suggests a significant level of interest in public health, especially from the wider public, third and community sectors.

By and large, respondents have expressed broad support for the establishment of the new body and the proposals contained within this consultation.

We also note that clarity has been sought on a number of key areas presented in the consultation, including on the specific functions of PHS and the detail of its anticipated relationship with other bodies and partnerships, and so we will aim to address those particular points as we further develop the proposals, structure and operating model for PHS.