Public energy company: outline business case

An independent outline business case for a national public energy company.


1. Scottish House Condition Survey Key Findings - Fuel Poverty

2. Source: Cornwall Insight

3. The Green Book: Appraisal and Evaluation in Central Government - Guidance

4. Scottish House Condition Survey Key Findings - Fuel Poverty

5. Scottish Government (2017) – Scottish Energy Strategy

6. Scottish Government (2017) - Scottish Energy Strategy

7. The loyalty penalty occurs when existing customers, across essential services such as energy and telecoms, pay more for a service than a new customer would be charged.

8. Citizens Advice Loyalty Penalty Super Complaint

9. Sub-national Estimates of Properties Not Connected to the Gas Network

10. Company websites, Ofgem, Cornwall Insight analysis

11. Ofgem – Energy Price Caps Resources Library

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14. The differential between the amount that a household currently spends on heating and electricity and the expenditure associated with no longer being in fuel poverty

15. Annual Fuel Poverty Statistics Report 2018

16. Energy for Londoners – Energy Supply Company Intention to Tender Decision

17. Switched on London – Mayor Shelves Fully licensed Energy Company or Short Term Political Gains

18. Energy for Londoners Tender for a Potential Partner Supplier

19. This could be undertaken in conjunction with the Scottish National Investment Bank.

20. The Priority Services Register is a database run by suppliers that holds information on vulnerable customers.

21. Paperless direct debit

22. Ofgem – Standard Variable Tariff Indicators – Previous Updates

23. Note that this is before churn. However, we assume that each customer that joins the Public Energy Company achieves this benefit once.

24. Which – Top 5 Cheapest Energy Deals for February 2019

25. BBC News – Energy Prices to Increase for Millions as Ofgem Raises Price Cap

26. Islington Council – Angel Energy Islington's White Label Energy Supplier

27. Scottish Government – Public Energy Company Strategic Outline Case

28. England and Wales High Court – Case Against Economy Energy and E

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30. European Commission Interest Base Rates

31. Big Society Capital – State Aid Requirements and Exemptions

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33. National Records of Scotland – Scottish Census Data

34. Sub-national Estimates of Properties not Connected to the Gas Network

35. Source: Cornwall Insight analysis



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