The Provision of Specialist Residential Chronic Pain Services in Scotland: Analysis of Consultation Responses

Analysis of responses to the Scottish Government consultation on provision of specialist residential chronic pain services in Scotland


1. % of the 201 who addressed this question


3. % of total respondents to the written consultation.

4. "a health professional", "an organisation representing people who experience chronic pain" and "other stakeholder".

5. A prior version of the consultation was launched in July 2013 but redrafted and reissued following feedback to the Scottish Government.

6. Proportions here relate to those who ticked one of the options.

7. % of the 201 who addressed this question.

8. % of the 205 who addressed the question.

9. Referred to by the respondent as the ScotPHN report of September 2011 on the Health Care Needs Assessment for people living with ME-CFS.


Email: Fiona Hodgkiss

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