Protection of vulnerable groups and disclosure of information: engagement report

A report on the early engagement with stakeholders for consultation on protection of vulnerable groups and the disclosure of criminal information.


The PVG Scheme, whilst not perfect, is overwhelmingly considered to be of great benefit to society, by preventing unsuitable people from doing regulated work, and to employers, by providing information to assist with safe recruitment decisions. Throughout the review process so far, stakeholders have been almost universal in their desire for a simpler system with fewer products and services to be provided online, with the accompanying alternatives for accessibility. We have also identified a need for Disclosure Scotland to improve communication with stakeholders and provide clear and useful guidance.

In addition to the external stakeholder engagement that has been outlined above, we have also been actively working with a variety of internal Disclosure Scotland colleagues including Transformation, Finance, Communications and Protection Services, and with wider Scottish Government colleagues including Criminal Justice, Self-directed support and the Third Sector Division.


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