Promoting Best Practice for Inshore Fisheries: A consultation on measures for hobby/unlicensed fishermen in Scottish inshore waters

The Inshore Fisheries Management and Conservation Group (IFMAC) established a short-life working group to discuss the issue of hobby/unlicensed fishermen and report back with possible actions to reduce the incidence of unlicensed fishing. This publication

Section 4: Next steps

6.1 The options outlined in this consultation are at a high level at this stage and if as a result of the consultation it is determined that they should be pursued further consultation and direct engagement with industry will be required. As they involve legislative change any actions taken to implement them will depend on the introduction of new fisheries legislation.

6.2 This consultation forms part of our programme to establish a framework for good governance that is effective and proportionate.

6.3 A consultation report will be published and discussed in due course at the Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Group ( IFMAC).


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