Procurement - legal services framework: buyer's guide

Buyer's guide for the procurement legal services framework 2023 to 2027.


Located within the Scottish Procurement and Property Directorate (SPPD) of the Scottish Government, Scottish Procurement aims to deliver benefits to the people of Scotland through improved value for money for taxpayers and improved goods and services for all our citizens. We achieve this via effective collaboration with our customers throughout the procurement cycle and by developing strategies that contribute to the Scottish Government's purpose of sustainable economic growth.

Framework agreement definition

A framework agreement is a general term for agreements which can be with either single or multiple suppliers that set out the terms and conditions under which specific purchases (call-offs) can be made throughout the framework duration.

Scottish Procurement has entered into this framework agreement with suppliers to ensure organisations may obtain value for money in their purchasing whilst being assured that their procurement is compliant with Scottish procurement regulations.

In establishing this framework agreement, Scottish Procurement carried out a competition in accordance with Scottish procurement regulations.

Using a framework agreement saves time and money for organisations and ensures that the terms and conditions of their contract with the suppliers are robust and follow best practice.

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