Procurement benefits reporting: guidance

Guidance for public bodies to help identify savings and benefits from procurement activity.

Guidance has been developed to help procurement teams identify savings and benefits from procurement activity. It is also important that these savings and benefits are reported in a consistent manner across sectors.

All organisations should aim to identify and implement this guidance for all savings. This guidance applies to all savings reported after March 2019.

The guidance has been jointly developed by sectoral Centres of Procurement Expertise (CoE). NHS NSS covering the NHS sector, Scottish Procurement for Central Government, Advanced Procurement for Universities and Colleges (APUC) for universities and colleges and Scotland Excel covering local authorities in Scotland.

Centres of Expertise have provided information on the approach to be adopted by organisations in their sectors.

The key points are:

  • Centres of Expertise will calculate the savings generated by specific collaborative contracts and frameworks, which they manage on behalf of their members. These savings should be checked with the member organisations based on whatever process is in place in each sector.
  • Centres of Expertise will advise organisations who do not have access to the Scottish Procurement Information Hub of how to report their savings to their Centre of Expertise.
  • For some sectors, Centres of Expertise will complete the collaborative cash and non cash onto the hub on behalf of their member organisations. In those sectors, organisations are required to complete the local cash and non cash figures only.
  • In other sectors the Centres of Expertise will instead provide collaborative savings data to their member organisations, who will need to complete all collaborative (cash and non cash) and local (cash and non cash) savings.
  • Centres of Expertise will make it clear to member organisations which of the above approaches apply to them.
  • Quarterly reporting of secured savings and annual reporting of verified delivered savings are minimum reporting requirements:

Note that an earlier version of this documentation provided guidance for all savings reported before March 2019.

Procurement benefits reporting guidance March 2019
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