Prison emergency early release: veto guidance for governors

Guidance for prison governors on applying the governor’s veto, during emergency early release, to prevent the early release of any eligible individuals they consider an 'immediate risk' to an individual or a group, if released.

Decision-making and recording decisions

A decision to veto any otherwise eligible prisoner from the emergency release process should be proportionate to the evidence obtained from the available information sources during the vetting of cases, as it relates to any immediate risks of harm to either an individual, or an identified group, if the individual were to be released under the process.

The reason(s) for a decision to apply the Governor’s veto must be recorded, along with details of the relevant sources of evidence, using the form at Annex A of the SPS Operational Guidance, and the information should be retained by the SPS.

Where evidence of any potential risk has been identified, but the final decision is that it is not proportionate to apply the Governor’s veto, the GIC should record the specific reason(s) for not applying the veto, with details of the relevant sources of evidence, via the appropriate recording process outlined within the SPS Operational Guidance.

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