The Prevention and Management of Falls in the Community: A Framework for Action for Scotland 2014/2015

The Framework builds on the model presented in the Up and About resource, and focuses on falls prevention and management and fracture prevention for older people living in the community. The Framework is underpinned by evidence from research and draws on knowledge and experience gained by the falls prevention community in Scotland over the last four years.

Stage One: Supporting health improvement and self management to reduce the risk of falls and fragility fractures

Description (taken from Up and About)

At this stage:

  • A person is living in the community (including care homes) with support as required.
  • The emphasis is on self care, supported self management, health education and promotion.
  • Support for carers may be essential to achieve positive outcomes.
  • There are opportunities for early intervention if circumstances change, therefore this stage has strong links with anticipatory care.
  • Many interventions and activities at this stage contribute to active and healthy ageing generally; some are more specific to falls and fracture prevention.

Actions to achieve the minimum standard for 2014/15

Action 1.1

Up-to-date information on the prevention of falls and the prevention of harm from falls is made available to older people by health and social care services.


  • Information is available in departments, clinics, care homes, day care facilities waiting areas etc, and is also provided on a one to one basis by staff as appropriate.
  • The information is in an understandable format suitable to the needs of the person/s receiving it (print size, language etc).
  • The information includes:
    • key falls prevention messages (and where to get more detailed/further information), e.g. Age UK's Top tips for staying steady or NHS Health Scotland's Up and About. Taking positive steps to avoid trips and falls (available from Summer 2014)
    • how to access resources, local services and organisations, which aim to support:
      • the maintenance of health and wellbeing, e.g. exercise/physical activity opportunities
      • a safe home environment, e.g. care and repair services, telecare and community alarm etc
      • a safer community environment, e.g. Dial-a-bus and equivalent services.
  • To ensure consistency of message, information provided on falls and fracture prevention and management is based on materials from the following sources:
  • NHS Health Scotland
  • Age UK and Age Scotland
  • The National Osteoporosis Society
  • NHS Inform

Further information

Encouraging positive attitudes to falls prevention in later life: a report for Help the Aged February 2005 Don't mention the F work, Help the Aged

Age UK

National Osteoporosis Society

NHS Health Scotland

NHS Inform (under development)


Email: Julie Townsend

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