Practical fire safety for existing specialised housing and similar premises: guidance

Guidance for those who are responsible for specialised housing and for those who provide care and support in such premises.

Annex 8: Testing and Maintenance 

Fire Safety Measure Weekly Monthly 6-monthly Annually Other
Emergency Lighting   Test   Service (discharge test)  
Smoke Ventilation (excluding those for means of escape)   AOV / OV manual control test AOV interface test Service of smoke extract/ pressurisation systems  
Fire Extinguishers   Visual check   Service  
Fire Detection and Alarm Systems (BS 5839-1) Manual Call Point test   Service    
Smoke and Heat Alarms within private accommodation (BS5839-6 compliant) Test*        
Fire Dampers       Service (spring operated type) Service (fusible link type) every 2 years
Suppression (BS 9251)       Service  
Rising Fire Mains     Inspection Pressure Test  
Firefighters Lifts   Inspection   Service  
Fire Doors     Inspection    
Fire Separation       Annual check of roof space Flats checked when vacant
External Escape Stairs         3 year structural survey

*BS5839-6 advises testing Grade A systems weekly and all others at least monthly.  Weekly testing is recommended where possible.

See Chapter 6 for more information.



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