Practical fire safety guidance for existing non-residential premises: consultation

Consultation on the revised fire safety guidance for non-residential premises.

Case Studies Annexe: Pyrotechnics In Entertainment Premises

In January 2009, there was a fire in an Edinburgh nightclub which was caused when pyrotechnics used during a Hogmanay celebration ignited a suspended plastic net. There were no fatalities though some patrons were injured. This involved inappropriate selection of pyrotechnics. The events manager of the premises was prosecuted.

The use of outdoor pyrotechnics has been associated with major loss of life in fires in entertainment premises throughout the world. The following list shows premises where pyrotechnics have been reported as a cause of fire. Sometimes other factors have been contributory such as combustible sound-insulation and means of escape issues.

  • Nightclub, Rhode Island, USA - February 2003 - 100 deaths
  • Club, Buenos Aires, Argentina - December 2004 - 194 deaths
  • Nightclub, Quito, Ecuador - April 2008 - 15 deaths
  • Club, Bangkok, Thailand - January 2009 - 66 deaths
  • Nightclub, Perm, Russia - December 2009 - 154 deaths
  • Nightclub Brazil January 2013 - 242 deaths
  • Nightclub Bucharest October 2015 - 64 deaths


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