Fire safety - existing high rise domestic buildings: practical guidance

This guidance provides practical fire safety advice on how to prevent fires and reduce the risks from fires in high rise domestic buildings.

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Annex 1 - Example of fire action notice

For use in blocks with a 'stay put' policy

Fire Action

If Fire Breaks Out In Your Home:

  • Leave the room where the fire is straight away, then close the door
  • Tell everyone in your home and get them to leave - close the front door of your flat behind you
  • Call the Fire Service
  • Alert neighbours on the same floor if safe to do so
  • Do not use the lift
  • Wait outside, away from the building

If You See Or Hear Of A Fire In Another Part Of The Building:

  • The building is designed to contain a fire in the flat where it starts - this means it will usually be safe for you to stay in your own flat if the fire is elsewhere
  • You must leave immediately if you are directly affected by smoke or heat from the fire, or if you are told to by the emergency services

To Call The Fire Service:

  • Dial 999 or 112
  • When the operator answers, ask for FIRE
  • When the Fire Service replies give the address, if available provide the floor and flat position of where the fire is
  • Do not end the call until the Fire Service has repeated the address correctly



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