The project presents trends in the data using the most complete time series data available for each designated SPA species. The project utilised data from JNCC, SNH, RSPB and other sources. The purpose of the project was to provide a collated source of

3 Count sites observed at each SPAs

Table 3.1. Count site positions observed within each Special Protection Area.

SPA Name Site Name Start Position End Position
(National Grid) (National Grid)
Ailsa Craig Ailsa Craig NX01529948
Auskerry Auskerry HY675163
Buchan Ness to Collieston Coast Boddam to Collieston NK086358
Calf of Eday Calf of Eday 1 HY581392
Calf of Eday coast HY58044038 HY58044038
Canna & Sanday Canna & Sanday NG24770534
Cape Wrath An Garbh-Eilean NC33197349
Cape Wrath 3 NC27107385 NC26147481
Cape Wrath 4 NC26147481 NC25757488
Clo Mor 1 NC35707095 NC34887167
Clo Mor 10 NC30357345 NC29527358
Clo Mor 11 NC29527358 NC29177299
Clo Mor 2 NC34887167 NC34267188
Clo Mor 4 NC34267188 NC33607251
Clo Mor 5 NC33607251 NC33037325
Clo Mor 7 NC33037325 NC32407295
Clo Mor 8 NC32407295 NC31507315
Clo Mor 9 NC31507315 NC30357345
Geodha Ruadh na Fola NC24617078 NC25117094
Na Glas Leacan NC34647200
North of Geodha Ruadh na Fola NC25117094 NC25127185
Copinsay Black Holm HY59460204
Copinsay HY61110135
Corn Holm HY600018
Ward Holm HY59580142
Cromarty Firth Alness Point NH65216765
Ardullie NH588621
Craigie Howe NH68795184 NH68495218
Dalmure Distillery NH66526874
Deephaven Industrial Estate NH622668
Foulis Tern Raft NH601635
Invergordon Town and Docks NH71006858
McDermott's NH81725740
Whiteness Head NH805586
East Caithness Cliffs Badaidh na Gaoithe ND14852678 ND14932678
Badbea 1 ND08901985 ND09242000
Badbea 2 ND09242000 ND10182069
Berriedale ND12032248 ND12752351
Burrigill ND22063379 ND23043399
Ceann Leathad nam Bo 1 ND13192385 ND13282392
Ceann Leathad nam Bo 2 ND13282392 ND13292404
Cleit Bheag ND16792931 ND18083095
Cnoc na Croiche ND10182069 ND10732082
Cnoc na Stri 1 ND07031797 ND07141807
Cnoc na Stri 2 ND07141807 ND07561855
Corbiegoe ND35384357 ND35884500
Creag na Cuinge 1 ND07561855 ND08131900
Creag na Cuinge 2 ND08131900 ND08171908
Creag na Cuinge 3 ND08171908 ND08731960
Creag na Cuinge 4 ND08731960 ND08901985
Forse Head ND21643332 ND22063379
Gearty Head ND34144193 ND34804281
Gotten Dubh ND18083095 ND19063215
Halberry Head ND29753709 ND30583827
Helman Head ND36234628 ND36734779
Hill Head ND24553480 ND26353529
Inver Hill ND10732082 ND11742179
Invershore ND23043399 ND24483479
Ires Geo ND35884500 ND36234628
Latheronwheel ND19063215 ND21643332
Llama Farm ND12752351 ND13192385
Ness Castle ND30583827 ND31373941
Occumster ND26353529 ND27433547
Ord of Caithness 1 ND05691725 ND05941725
Ord of Caithness 2 ND05941725 ND07031797
Overton ND29113628 ND29753709
Poll Gallon ND11742179 ND12012247
Ramsgate ND14932678 ND15072696
Rockhead ND13812536 ND14162600
Roy Geo ND27433547 ND27913574
Sarclet Head ND34804281 ND35384357
Screadan ND13292404 ND13812536
Sithean Dubh ND15072696 ND15802800
Skerry Mor ND27913574 ND29113628
Stack of Ulbster ND33114138 ND34144193
The Brough ND36734779 ND37034889
The Clett ND14162600 ND14852678
Whaligoe 1 ND31373941 ND32544055
Whaligoe 2 ND32544055 ND33114138
Fair Isle Fair Isle HZ19447079
Big Holm HU62258839
Fetlar Big Holm to Moo Wick HU62278840 HU62158776
Corbie Head to Brough Slipway HU58249145 HU57799273
Cruss HU63339130
East Neap HU64089438 HU62329486
Elbow HU58309220
Fetlar RSPB HU660910
Funzie Bay to Wick of Aith HU66338946 HU64168998
Gruna Water HU66419113
Head of Hosta to Natural Arch HU67719184 HU67129282
Head of Hosta to the Tind HU67719184 HU67439051
Hestaness HU66229260
Horn of Rams Ness to Rams Ness HU61128704 HU60738710
HU570930 HU570930
HU580910 HU580910
HU580920 HU580920
HU580930 HU580930
HU580940 HU580940
HU590880 HU590880
HU590890 HU590890
HU590900 HU590900
HU590910 HU590910
HU590920 HU590920
HU590930 HU590930
HU600870 HU600870
HU600880 HU600880
HU600890 HU600890
HU600920 HU600920
HU600930 HU600930
HU610870 HU610870
HU610890 HU610890
HU610900 HU610900
HU610910 HU610910
HU610920 HU610920
HU610930 HU610930
HU610940 HU610940
HU620870 HU620870
HU620880 HU620880
HU620910 HU620910
HU620920 HU620920
HU620930 HU620930
HU620940 HU620940
HU630890 HU630890
HU630900 HU630900
HU630910 HU630910
HU630920 HU630920
HU630930 HU630930
HU630940 HU630940
HU640880 HU640880
HU640890 HU640890
HU640900 HU640900
HU640910 HU640910
HU640920 HU640920
HU640930 HU640930
HU640940 HU640940
HU650870 HU650870
HU650880 HU650880
HU650890 HU650890
HU650900 HU650900
HU650910 HU650910
HU660880 HU660880
HU660890 HU660890
HU660900 HU660900
HU660920 HU660920
HU660930 HU660930
HU66108940 HU66108940
HU670900 HU670900
HU670910 HU670910
HU670920 HU670920
Inner Brough to Hesta Ness HU67089313 HU66279279
Klifts to Big Holm HU60518989 HU62278840
Lamb Hoga HU610885
Lamb Hoga - shearwaters HU60738958
Little Harold's Water HU66108940
Mongirsdale HY49674928
Moo Wick to Horn of Rams Ness HU64519203 HU64089438
Natural Arch to Inner Brough HU67129282 HU67089313
Ness of Gruting HU65799131 HU64519203
Outer Brough HU67039316 HU67039316
Pobies Grey Stack HU66279279 HU66159226
Rams Ness to Corbie Head HU60738710 HU58249145
Ramsness HU61118716
Strandburgh Ness HU671931 HU671931
The Tind to Funzie Bay HU67439051 HU66338946
Upper Trona Mires HU66749098
Urie HU59749451
Uriesetter HU62329486 HU59769454
Wick of Aith to Wick of Houbie HU64168998 HU62589052
Wick of Gruting HU66159226 HU65799131
Wick of Houbie to Krokahellia HU62589052 HU61009034
Woodenbreck 1 HU64958955
Woodenbreck 2 HU64958875
Woodenbreck 3 HU64858915
Woodenbreck 4 HU64658925
Woodenbreck 5 HU64458945
Woodenbreck 6 HU64658975
Woodenbreck 7 HU64759035
Firth of Tay and Eden Estuary Barry Buddon NO50043213
Barry Burn NO56123393
Tentsmuir NO50562744
Flannan Isles East Group (including Eilean Mor) NA727468
Eilean A'Ghobha NA693464 NA693464
Eilean Mor NA726467 NA726467
Eilean Mor A-D, F-H NA727468
Eilean Mor E NA723468
Eilean Tighe NA728463 NA728463
Roareim NA692467
Sgeir Toman NA724452 NA724452
Soray NA725454 NA725454
South Group NA725455 NA726452
West Group NA687465 NA694463
Forth Islands Bass Rock NT60078733
Craigleith NT55108697
Fidra NT51158697
Inchmickery NT20608063
Isle of May NT65969907
The Lamb NT53428660
Foula Foula HT95953914
Fowlsheugh Fowlsheugh RSPB NO881798 NO880817
Glas Eilenan Glas Eileanan NM71463996
Handa Handa NC12414767
Hermaness, Saxa Vord and Valla Field Ayre of Tonga to Tonga Stack HP58511463 HP57921494
Greff to Ayre of Tonga HP58221399 HP58511463
Hermaness HP610180
Hols Hellier to The Lug HP62731768 HP63581804
HP 580129 HP580129
HP 584057 HP584057
HP 584068 HP584068
HP 588094 HP588094
HP 589042 HP589042
HP 589078 HP589078
HP 590113 HP590113
HP 595132 HP595132
Muckle Flugga HP60431925
Norwick Hevda to Hols Hellier HP62511713 HP62731768
Saxavord HP627175 HP633184
South Geo Brough to Greff HP57131239 HP58221399
The Keen to Norwick Hevda HP62161547 HP62511713
Hoy Bakingstone Hill ND24549242
Bay of Creekland HY26060269 HY23590538
Binga Fea ND27349321
Burn of Forse ND22629417
Cairn Hill ND25759095
Deepdale HY25400224
Enegars HY20140380
Glifters of Lyrawa 1 ND26179876
Glifters Of Pegal - Glifters Of Lyr ND262988
Grutfea HY18950085
Ha Wick ND250890
Hoglinns Water ND24439150
Hoy - Whole Island ND24839740
Hoy RSPB Reserve HY215015
HOY10 ND17379911 ND19109884
HOY11 ND19109884 ND20579773
HOY12 ND20579773 ND20829656
HOY13 ND20829656 ND21009529
HOY14 ND21009529 ND22309393
HOY15 ND22309393 ND23029248
HOY16 ND23029248 ND23699063
HOY17 ND23699063 ND25158861
HOY18 ND25158861 ND26418862
HOY19 ND26418862 ND28148853
HOY29 HY28850072 HY27700159
HOY3 HY22190580 HY21170519
HOY30 HY27700159 HY26060269
HOY4 HY21170519 HY20770497
HOY5 HY20770497 HY20520483
HOY6 HY20520483 HY19780491
HOY7 HY19780491 HY18410310
HOY8 HY18410310 HY17530088
Melsetter Hill ND26308971
Moss of Whitestanes ND20369926
Old Man of Hoy to Rora Head HY17530088 ND17379911
Red Hill of Sneuk ND23909610
Saltness ND26999034
Sands Water ND23759375
Sandy Loch HY219030
Stourdale ND177997
Suifea Lochs HY19000165
Whaness HY250020
Imperial Docks Leith Docks NT26787725
Loch of Strathbeg Loch of Strathbeg NK06675973
Marwick Heak Marwick Head HY22702440 HY23202620
Mingulay & Berneray Berneray1 NL55938010
Mingulay1 NL56008313
Monach Islands Ceann Ear 1 NF64726166 NF64316270
Ceann Ear 2 NF64316270 NF63636247
Ceann Ear 3 NF63636247 NF63366098
Ceann Ear 4 NF63366098 NF63986092
Ceann Ear 5 NF63986092 NF64726166
Ceann Ear 6 NF64056205
Ceann Ear 7 NF63656135
Ceann Iar 1 NF62536233 NF61106212
Ceann Iar 2 NF61106212 NF60986250
Ceann Iar 3 NF60986250 NF61766331
Ceann Iar 4 NF61766331 NF62176324
Ceann Iar 5 NF62176324 NF62536233
Ceann Iar 6 NF61526252
Shillay NF59126280
Shivinish 1 NF62636202 NF62636202
Shivinish 2 NF628621
Stockay NF65956317
Moray and Nairn coast Tips of Corsemaul NJ39333968
Tom Mor NJ40393833
Mousa Mousa RSPB HU460240
North Caithness Cliffs Duncansby Head ND40327277 ND40207360
Dunnet Head 1 ND21667511 ND21197636
Dunnet Head 2 ND21197636 ND20587669
Dunnet Head 3 ND20587669 ND19477641
Dunnet Head 4 ND19477641 ND18307452
Dunnet Head 5 ND18307452 ND20697128
Holburn Head 1 ND10717073 ND10937158
Holburn Head 2 ND10937158 ND08337123
Holburn Head 3 ND08337123 ND07247112
Melvich 1 NC93026603 NC92146563
Melvich 2 NC92146563 NC91606550
Melvich 3 NC91606550 NC89846595
Sandside Head 1 NC95726627 NC94036590
Sandside Head 2 NC94036590 NC93026603
Skirza Head ND39386811 ND39936966
Stacks of Duncansby ND39936966 ND40327277
Stroma Island ND355775
North Colonsay and Western Cliffs Balnahard 1 NR40519932 NR40899970
Balnahard 2 NR40899970 NM41640026
Balnahard 3 NM41640026 NM42360088
Balnahard 4 NM42360088 NM42450088
Balnahard 5 NM42450088 NM42740050
East Coast 2 NR42769928 NR42409864
East Coast 4 NR41989804 NR41599724
East Coast 5 NR41599724 NR41409699
East Coast 6 NR41409699 NR40989618
Kiloran Bay - North NR40349837 NR40519932
Pigs Paradise 1 NR384980 NR382977
Pigs Paradise 10 NR369969 NR367967
Pigs Paradise 11 NR367967 NR365964
Pigs Paradise 12 NR365964 NR364965
Pigs Paradise 13 NR364965 NR363963
Pigs Paradise 2 NR382977 NR379976
Pigs Paradise 3 NR379976 NR378975
Pigs Paradise 4 NR378975 NR375975
Pigs Paradise 5 NR375975 NR374974
Pigs Paradise 6 NR374974 NR372970
Pigs Paradise 7 NR369970 NR368971
Pigs Paradise 8 NR372970 NR369970
Pigs Paradise 9 NR368971 NR369969
Uragaig Cliffs NR395981 NR383980
North Rona and Sula Sgeir North Rona HW81193252
Sula Sgeir HW62083062
Noss Noss Whole Island HU545405
Papa Stour Christie's Hole HU15356075
Cullavoe Dale HU16916133
Cullavoe East HU16926170
Gardie North HU18356125
Gardie Water East HU17056045
Hamnavoe North Beach HU16356055
Lamba Ness HU16656229
Little Virda Field HU15356175
Lochs of Aesha HU15056105
Mauns Hill Southwest HU15856015
North Ness East HU18356175
North Ness West HU17706145
Papa Stour HU160610
Quida Ness HU17056145
Robie's Noust HU17856125
The Creed HU17756175
Papa Westray (North Hill and Holm) Holm Of Papa Westray HY506519
North Hill 1 HY50005555
North Hill 10 HY506546
North Hill 12 HY50315497
North Hill 13 HY49795484
North Hill 14 HY49355415
North Hill 15 HY49805418
North Hill 16 HY49325396
North Hill 17 HY49355382
North Hill 18 HY49905483
North Hill 2 HY498555
North Hill 2 HY50775474 HY49335451
North Hill 3 HY49335451 HY49105378
North Hill 3 HY501557
North Hill 4 HY502555
North Hill 5 HY50315525
North Hill 6 HY49995494
North Hill 7 HY50515464
North Hill 8 HY504546
Papa Westray - North Hill RSPB HY499550
Papa Westray coast 10 HY49105378 HY48765274
Papa Westray coast 41 HY50515372 HY50735443
Pentland Firth Islands Muckle Skerry ND465783
Pentland Skerries ND46447849
Swona ND38818438
Priest Island Priest Island NB92740237
Raman Stacks and Gruney Fladda HU37539717
Gruney HU38049681
Hyter HU37479738
Ofoora HU37579729
Outer Stack HU37609785
Scordar HU37449779
Turla HU37479755
Rousay Brings HY38003364
Faraclett Head 1 HY449336
Faraclett Head 10 HY440327
Faraclett Head 11 HY436329
Faraclett Head 12 HY435329
Faraclett Head 13 HY43623267
Faraclett Head 16 HY442331
Faraclett Head 17 HY436333
Faraclett Head 2 HY448337
Faraclett Head 3 HY445337
Faraclett Head 4 HY447334
Faraclett Head 5 HY446336
Faraclett Head 6 HY443337
Faraclett Head 7 HY443336
Faraclett Head 8 HY444332
Horse Brae HY38463456
Leeon 2 HY419327
Moan HY38163285
Quendal (North) HY37463314
Quendal (South) HY37073208
Rousay 1 HY371306 HY363314
Rousay 10 HY401335 HY408328
Rousay 12 HY433327 HY441337
Rousay 13 HY441337 HY448338
Rousay 14 HY448338 HY449333
Rousay 15 HY449333 HY455324
Rousay 16 HY455324 HY449325
Rousay 17 HY448324 HY449280
Rousay 2 HY363314 HY362323
Rousay 20 HY382289 HY371306
Rousay 3 HY362323 HY369330
Rousay 4 HY369330 HY373340
Rousay 5 HY373340 HY382347
Rousay 6 HY382347 HY389350
Rousay 7 HY389350 HY398349
Rousay 8 HY398349 HY401344
Rousay 9 HY401344 HY401335
Rum Rum NM36869828
Shiant Islands Eilean an Taighe NG421972
Eilean Mhuire NG431986
Galta Beag Group NG400982
Galta Mor Group NG390984
Garbh Eilean NG41419845
South Uist Machair and Lochs Ardivachar Machair NF74654535
Around Daliburgh NF75352145
Howbeg and How More NF76303530 NF76303620
Loch Ardvule NF71332992
Loch Druidbeg NF79053755
Loch Fada NF75523441
Loch Grogarry NF76183932
Loch Hallan NF73862218
Loch na Liana Moire NF73312489
Loch nam Balgan NF76214004
Loch Stilligarry NF76283813
Mid Loch Ollay NF75433154
Rubha Ardvule NF70952995
West Loch Ollay NF74053273
St Abb`s Head to Fast Castle Broadhaven to Moorburn Point NT90756908 NT89006946
Fast Castle Head HY443329 NT834701
Moorburn Point to Fast Castle NT89006946 NT86137113
St Abb's Head NNR NT91776765 NT90756908
St Kilda Boreray & Stacs NA155050
Dun NF10299753
Hirta NF09269966
Levenish NF13309667
Soay - whole island NA06420146
Sule Skerry and Sule Stack Sule Skerry Whole Island HX62112445
Sule Stack1 HX56221791
Sumburgh Head Compass Head HU407095
Grutness HU407102
Grutness Pier to Greystane Geo HU405099 HU409084
Sumburgh Head HU405083 HU409084
Treshnish Isles Bac Beag NM23743776
Bac Mor NM24383900
Cairn na Burgh - Manx shearwater
count NM30464493 NM30464493
Cairn na Burgh Beg NM30854502
Cairn na Burgh More NM30584485
Fladda NM297437
Lunga and Sgeir a' Chaisteil NM27774192
Sgeir An Eirionnaich NM28504337
Sgeir an Fheoir NM28704323
Sgeir na h-Iolaire NM28934390 NM28934390
Sgeirean Na Giusaich 15 NM28764267
Sgeirean Na Giusaich 16 NM28864276
Troup, Pennan and Lion's Heads Troup, Pennan and Lion's Heads
SPA NJ80706554 NJ88326487
West Westray West Westray 1 HY40054955 HY39235014
West Westray 2 HY39235014 HY40444816
West Westray 3 HY40444816 HY40914789
West Westray 5 HY41524734 HY41944569
West Westray 6 HY41944569 HY41754386
West Westray 7 HY41754386 HY42284368
Ythan Estuary, Sands of Forvie and Meikle Loch
Sands Of Forvie NK030270 NK030290


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