Creative industries: policy statement

Our vision and priorities for the creative industries in Scotland.

Our Vision

Our vision is that the creative industries will play a key role in Scotland having a creative future. In order to achieve this vision, we will work towards a Scotland that is open for business for the creative industries – where forward thinking and sustainable business models and ambitious, innovative and pioneering initiatives and ideas are nurtured and developed.

We will work towards Scotland being a creative international leader and where business, the public sector and wider society understand and celebrate our creative industries. This includes creative industries playing a key role in economic, social, cultural, technological and environmental transformations.

We aim to create the conditions for creative industries to grow sustainably and with resilience, recognising non-linear growth patterns and the triple bottom line of economic, social and cultural value. Creative businesses should be drivers of economic growth and should be encouraged to be experimental, dynamic, bold and confident.

We will work towards an environment where there is recognition of tangible and intangible creative and artistic skills, where creativity is evident throughout, and embedded within, Scotland's education and skills system, and where the sector is considered to provide a rewarding career.



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