Police Negotiating Board Scotland (PNBS): guide

Replaces the 2016 Police Negotiating Board (PNB) guide with an updated version.

7. Sub-groups of the PNBS

There is a history of sub-committees or working groups of the PNBS meeting independently to undertake the detail of topics, issues, claims and proposals with the purpose of facilitating the outputs of the PNBS work whilst updating all members at PNBS meetings.

To simplify and clarify this process and to streamline reporting, the Technical Working Group (TWG) is the only standing sub-group. The TWG can establish sub-groups in relation to specific issues, but these groups will all feed back into TWG to support a single update on sub-group activity to the PNBS.

The PNBS Independent Chair will retain oversight of the TWG and receive regular updates, attending if/when required. The TWG will update all members at every PNBS meeting.


Email: PNBS@gov.scot

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