Planning system - mandatory training for elected members: consultation analysis

Analysis of the responses from the public consultation on mandatory training in planning for elected members

6. Impact Assessments

Question 13: Do you have any comments on the impact assessments undertaken as part of the consultation on mandatory training on planning for elected members?

Only around 20 respondents made a comment at Question 13, with those comments tending to be brief. They included that the impact assessments seem to be comprehensive, rigorous and fair. Other general comments included that:

  • The environment needs be given appropriate/equal consideration.
  • It will be important to ensure that training reflects the diversity of regional economies, and the role of each planning authority within them.

Partial Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment

In terms of the Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment, there was support for the implementation of mandatory training being cost-neutral to planning authorities, and it was noted that the Assessment states that the Scottish Government will provide the funding for implementation of mandatory training.

Equality Impact Screening Assessment

Issues raised in relation to the Equality Impact Screening Assessment included that, as all Elected Members involved in making planning decisions would be required to undertake the mandatory training, there is no overarching discrimination against any person with protected characteristics. However, it was also noted that the training itself will need to be inclusive so as not to discriminate against Elected Members who have protected characteristics – particularly those with disabilities.

In terms of the impact of the training, there was a suggestion that planning authorities have made short-term decisions in many areas which have disadvantaged those with protected characteristics, and that proper training would help to eliminate this, and other problems, which stand in the way of a fairer Scotland.

Island Communities Impact Screening Assessment

In terms of the Screening Assessment, the points around travel to courses, digital connectivity and the intention that training would not exceed a day were welcomed.

It was suggested that a full Island Communities Impact Assessment might be of value, including to determine whether mandatory training could actually have a positive impact on Island (and rural) communities and businesses.



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