Planning performance statistics: third quarter 2017-2018

This report presents the latest summary statistics on planning, decision-making, and timescales for October to December 2017 (quarter 3).

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4. Processing Agreements

Some local authorities use processing agreements where the developer and the local authority agree on timescales for decisions. When an application is subject to a processing agreement it is removed from average decision time calculations and reported separately. In quarter three of 2017/18 there were 530 applications that were subject to a processing agreement, 2 fewer than in the previous quarter, and 74.7 per cent of these were decided within agreed timescales ( Quarter 3, 2017/18 – Table 1).

Table 1: Processing Agreements, 2017/18, Quarter 3

Category of development Number of Decisions % Within Agreed Timescales
Major Applications 21 76.2%
Local Applications 429 74.8%
EIA Developments 3 100.0%
Other Consents 77 72.7%
Total 530 74.7%


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