Planning and Environmental Appeals Division: annual review 2021 to 2022

Planning and Environmental Appeals Division's (DPEA) annual review of its performance for 2021 to 2022.

Appendix B

DPEA Organisational Chart 2022/23

Senior Management Team

Interim Chief Reporter - Scott Ferrie

Assistant Chief Reporters - Karen Heywood, David Liddell, Allison Coard

Principal Reporters - David Buylla, Claire Milne, Robert Seaton, Alasdair Edwards

Head of Performance and Administration - David Henderson

Business Support Officer - Diane Sinclair

Case Work Teams

Section Managers - Lorna Dunn, Mandy McComiskie

Team Leaders - Scott Mackenzie, Dianne Wakeling, Emma Brown

Case Officers - Jane Robertson, Audrey Devoy, Colin Bell, Christine Brown, Morag Smith, Laura Walker, Chris Kennedy, Stuart Mcluckie, Jayne Anderson, Liz Kerr, Karen Cowie, Marie Buchanan

Webcasting, IT Development And Finance Team

Information System and Business Process Manager - Carol Totten

Technical Support Manager - Euan Murray

BCLO & Technical Support Officer - Douglas Berry

Improvements/Change Manager - Fiona Manson

IT & Webcasting Support Officer - Graeme Mason

IT & Webcasting Support Officer - Calum Henderson



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