Planning circular 3/2022: development management procedures

Circular 3/2022 provides guidance on the procedures governing applications for planning permission. It supersedes circular 3/2013.

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Annex C

Content of Pre-Application Consultation Reports

A pre-application consultation report must contain—

(a) the dates on which, and places where, public events were held as required in accordance with regulation 7(2),

(b) a description of—

(i) any additional consultation or notification required by the planning authority in relation to the proposed application under section 35B(7),

(ii) any additional steps taken by the prospective applicant to consult with members of the public as regards the proposed development,

(c) a list of bodies, groups and organisations who were consulted by the prospective applicant,

(d) evidence as to how the prospective applicant carried out the activities described under sub-paragraphs (a), (b) and (c),

(e) copies of—

(i) any materials sent to consultees,

(ii) any materials provided to those attending a public event, and

(iii) any visual presentation shown or displayed at a public event,

(f) photographs of any display boards or models at public events,

(g) confirmation as to whether consultees and attendees at public events were informed that pre-application consultation does not remove the right or the potential need to comment on the final application once it is made to the planning authority,

(i)[37] a summary of—

(i) the written responses to consultations, and

(ii) views raised at public events, including an indication of the number of written responses received and the number of persons who attended the public events,

(j) an explanation of how the prospective applicant took account of views raised during the pre-application consultation process, and

(k) an explanation of how members of the public were given feedback on the prospective applicant's consideration of the views raised during the pre-application consultation process.



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