Planning Circular 2/2022 The Town and Country Planning (Fees for Applications) (Scotland) Regulations 2022

This Circular provides guidance on the Town and Country Planning (Fees for Applications) (Scotland) Regulations 2022 and replaces Circulars 1/2004 and 2/2013

9. Mixed category applications

9.1.1 Applications may often involve development which falls into more than one of the categories set out above (see paragraph 4.3 and 4.4 where alternative development is involved). For instance the application may relate to detailed permission for:

  • dwellinghouses and other buildings;
  • buildings together with other works;
  • change of use together with works;
  • more than one change of use; or
  • planning permission in principle for dwellinghouses and other buildings.

9.1.2 The fee for an application for full permission, or for approval of reserved matters which involves both erection of buildings for residential purposes and other types of buildings (but only in this case) is calculated by adding together the fee appropriate for each development. This applies whether the 2 types are combined or in separate buildings. For applications for planning permission in principle, the fee is simply derived from the total site area. Where a mixed use building includes common service floor space areas (e.g. foyers) serving both the residential and other parts of the building, these areas are divided pro-rata to the floor space of each type of development, and the non-residential portion of common floor space is added to the area of the non-residential floor space in the building for the purpose of calculating the fees.

9.1.3 Where an application relates to 2 or more categories, only the higher or highest of the fees calculated under those categories is charged.



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