Places, people and planning: update on proposal 18

Update on actions relation to Proposal 18: A new approach to improving performance.

Proposal 18: A new approach to improving performance.

We will continue work to strengthen the way in which performance is monitored, reported and improved.

Why we are making a change?

A well-functioning system is reliant on good performance from all those involved in its operation. It is critical that we ensure that we effectively monitor the system to highlight priority areas for improvement.

What we are doing?

  • We are committed to continuing our work with the High Level Group on Planning Performance to ensure we provide a supportive and fair improvement agenda.
  • We continue to monitor planning statistics and provide feedback on Planning Performance Frameworks.
  • We have asked the Key Agency Group to identify a more appropriate performance monitoring mechanism for key agencies. Their proposal was presented at the High Level Group on Planning Performance in October 2017.

How will we deliver Change?

  • Primary legislation – measures to monitor, support and assess planning authorities' performance have been included in the Planning Bill
  • Secondary Legislation – more detailed arrangements will be set out in regulations
  • Guidance – yes
  • Non legislative action – yes

Next Steps

  • We will continue to work with Heads of Planning Scotland and other stakeholders to identify workable solutions for the review recommendations including improved peer review and a new focus on customer feedback.
  • We will convene the next meeting of the High Level Group on Planning Performance in February 2017 to discuss the Bill provisions on statutory performance monitoring, assessment and a national performance co-ordinator.
  • We will commission research to explore the scope for measuring performance on the basis of the quality of places in early 2018.
  • We will commission research looking at customer service excellence.



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