Pilot Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters Marine Spatial Plan. Regional Locational Guidance.

PFOW MSP Regional Locational Guidance. This Regional Locational Guidance has been produced to assist developers in the wind, wave and tidal renewable energy industry to choose sites of maximum opportunity and minimum constraint.


5.1.1 This RLG provides information regarding use of the marine environment in the PFOW area on a sector by sector basis. The potential for wind, wave and tidal energy in the PFOW area means there is a need to identify areas of maximum opportunity and least constraint for renewable energy development.

5.1.2 As well as providing clean renewable energy for domestic and industrial use the potential construction and operation of these type of developments will have a major impact on the PFOW area and there is a need to identify other users of this area to help ensure existing and potential developments can co-exist within the same area.

5.1.3 This RLG will be one of a range of tools that can be used to choose sites of maximum opportunity and minimum constraint but is not intended to be a stand-alone method of doing so.

5.1.4 As more data are collected this will be used to update guidance such as this in order to better inform the selection of sites for development.


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