Persistent Poverty in Scotland 2010-2016

Estimates of the proportion of people living in persistent poverty in Scotland between 2010 and 2016.

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Background Notes and Methodology

Information on persistent poverty and the method used to calculate estimates from the Understanding Society survey can be found in the section above and in Annex 2. More detail can be found here:

The figures in this report come from the Understanding Society Survey, a longitudinal survey with longitudinal information about around 3,000 individuals in Scotland in 2015-2016. Surveys gather information from a sample rather than from the whole population. Results from sample surveys are always estimates, not precise figures. This means that they are subject to a margin of error which can affect how changes in the numbers should be interpreted, especially in the short-term. Year-on-year movements should be treated with caution. We are unable to calculate sampling uncertainties for these statistics, but please note that small changes are unlikely to be statistically significant.


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