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Permitted development guidance: flowcharts

Flowcharts providing guidance on whether common projects are permitted developments.

4 Sep 2014
Permitted development guidance: flowcharts

On this page you can find flowcharts for the following common projects:

  • single storey ground floor extension – class 1A

  • ground floor extension of more than one storey – class 1B

  • construction or alteration of a porch – class 1C

  • alteration to a roof – class 1D

  • access ramp – class 2A

  • changes to the appearance of your house which are not an extension – class 2B

  • other building work – class 3B

  • hard surface: paving, patios and driveways – class 3C

  • decking and raised platforms – class 3D

  • flats – class 4A

Access ramp - Class 2A.pdf

1 page PDF
130.6 kB

Other building work - Class 3B.pdf

1 page PDF
130.4 kB

Flats - Class 4A.pdf

1 page PDF
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