Parole reform in Scotland: consultation

Consultation seeking views on proposed amendments to the Prisoners and Criminal Proceedings (Scotland) Act 1993.


Photo of Michael Matheson MSP Cabinet Secretary for Justice

Consideration for release on parole to serve the remainder of a sentence in the community is an important part of our justice system. It plays a critical role in the reintegration and rehabilitation of offenders whilst ensuring that the primary factor in considering such release is, and must be, public protection.

The Parole Board for Scotland is responsible, in most cases, for making the important decision as to whether an individual is released or not based on a thorough consideration of risk. The members of the Parole Board for Scotland who make these decisions are drawn from a variety of backgrounds and their experience, skills and independence are central to the success of the Parole Board for Scotland.

This Government has committed to improve the effective rehabilitation and reintegration of people who have committed offences and to complete the implementation of the parole reform programme to modernise and improve support for the vital work of the Parole Board.

This programme will enhance efficiency and effectiveness by transforming the administrative justice elements surrounding parole while supporting victims and witnesses. Essentially, the programme is a combination of structural change, process change and technological improvement.

We have identified a number of areas that may require legislative changes that we believe will support that programme of change. This consultation seeks your views on those proposed changes. I hope you will take the opportunity to consider what is being proposed and to contribute to this consultation in order that we can continue to build a parole system that is modern and efficient and protect the public whilst supporting reintegration and rehabilitation of offenders.

Michael Matheson MSP
Cabinet Secretary for Justice


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