Planning Advice Note 1/2013 annex A: further reading

Further reading to support Planning Advice Note (PAN) 1/2013 containing advice on the integration of EIA procedures into the development management process.

Planning Advice Note 1/2013: Annex A

Further Reading

The following list is intended as a guide to further reading. Any views expressed in the documents listed are those of the author(s) and where reference is made to non-Scottish Government content those views may not necessarily reflect those of the Scottish Ministers.

EIA Procedural Guidance

General EIA Guidance


Reviewing the ES

  • Reviewing the Quality of Environmental Statements, Occasional Paper 24, Dept. of Planning and Landscape, University of Manchester. (Lee, N. and Colley, R. (1990)

  • Reviewing the Quality of Environmental Statements: Review Methods and Findings, Town Planning Review, 62, 2. (Lee, N. and Colley, R. (1991)

  • Guidance on EIA; EIS Review. (European Commission June 2001).

Cumulative effects

Multi Stage Consents

Multi-regime Consents

Publicity and consultation

Securing Mitigation

Integration with planning procedures

Habitats Regulations Appraisal



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