Planning Circular 3/2013: Development management procedures

Guidance on the requirements in relation to applications for planning permission. This has been superseded by Planning Circular 3/2022: Development management procedures.


This version ISBN 978-1-78412-175-4 is current as at 10-09-2015




First Published


New document

Revision 1.0


Changes as per 1.1 to 1.9 as set out below.

Revision 1 Changes 10/09/2015

Change 1.1

Glossary - definition of 'section 42 application' - addition of text

Change 1.2

Paragraph 2.5 - Revisions to final sentences.

Change 1.3

Paragraph 2.9 - Deletion of final sentences and insertion of new text.

Change 1.4

Paragraph 3.14 - Addition of text in brackets in first sentence

Change 1.5

Paragraph 4.104 - Addition of text in final sentence.

Change 1.6

Paragraph 4.109 - revision to second sentence and addition to third sentence.

Change 1.7

Paragraph 4.110 - addition of new penultimate sentence and revision of final sentence

Change 1.8

Insertion of Annex H

Change 1.9

Insertion of Annex I

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