Pain Management Task Force minutes: May 2023

Minutes from the meeting of the group on 3 May 2023

Attendees and apologies

Lynne Nicol,Deptuy Director, Chair, Scottish Government 
Lynne Railston, Public Health Scotland
Lyn Watson, Nurse Network Lead
Debs Steven, Pharmacy Network Lead
Nicola Rhind, National Clinical Lead
Stuart Stephen, Implementation Lead
Nicci Motiang, Unit Head (deputy chair), Scottish Government
Martin Dunbar, Chair of Third Sector Network
Tracy Robertson, AHP Network Lead
Gayle McCann, Senior Policy Manager, Scottish Government
Lars Williams, Medics Network Lead
Linda Sparks, Centre for Sustainble Delivery
Stephen Martin, Unit Head, Realistic Medicine, Scottish Government
Helen Moores-Poole, Lead AHP Primary Care, Scottish Government
Sharon Robertson, Policy Manager, Scottish Government


Rory MacKennzie, Lois Lobban, Moira Nelson


Items and actions

Welcome and apologies

Apologies were noted.

Approval of minutes - February 2023

The February minutes were agreed. March update was provided by email.

Implementation plan - progress update

Work continuing  on the National Knowledge Hub – (based on the national trauma care framework and will be based sited on TURAS.  Query regarding Learn pro as it may vary across the Boards as to who can access,  Also can non NHS staff access TURAS training?  Work with NHS Education for Scotland (NES) pharmacy colleagues progressing well although timescale slipped due to NES resource. Looking at how the management of the site is governed and updated as well as benchmarking use and how it increases.  Focussing on level 1 and 2 - 3 and 4 will come later. Credentialling work - discussing with NES due to changes to the project. Discussion of kirkpatrick tool – evaluation of training and is this suitable?  Also, to look at - evidence of using the knowledge.  Task force to consider how the new modules can be launched – e.g. webinar, flag on log on. Suggested this could tie in with National Pain Awareness Month (September).

Work starting with the Managers Network. Getting there in terms identifying the right stakeholders to attend. Recognise pressures on managers in the boards. Looking at how to hare information / ways of working - looking at it for support and what can be done better together.
Data  group - good progress and everything on track. Clinician, service managers and analysts, involved. Group has set up sub groups -  clinical, service managers and third sector meet first. Then meeting with analysts to discuss. Public Health Scotland working on suggested new questions - based on their paper.  If possible looking to capture all first contacts regardless of clinician seen. 
Capturing return appointments - much greater piece of work and may need to involve all services and not just pain services.  

Finance and commissioning

Budget position has not changed since last update. SG working with CfSD to discuss requirements for this year.

23/24 year 2 implementation update

Submission being drafted to go to Ms Minto - update on annual progress and moving into year 2. To look at mapping engagement of stakeholders. Udated plan to publish around September - 

Short Life Working Group A will start to look at patient engagement toolkit. 

Date of next meeting

5 July 2023 at 10.30 am via MS Teams.

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