Oral Health Improvement and Dental Services in Scottish Prisons

Guidance for NHS Boards on oral health improvement and dental services in Scottish Prisons.

4. Operational responsibilities

4.1 A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)[20] was developed to provide a framework of guidance on the respective responsibilities of the Scottish Prison Service, Scottish prisons, and health boards. The responsibilities of key partners are described below.

4.2 NHS Boards will be responsible for:

  • The smooth day to day running of the prison health centre
  • Contracted dental services delivering care to prisoners.
  • Information management, technology and governance.
  • Maintenance and replacement of all clinical fixed and non-fixed assets.
  • Clinical dental service-related complaints.
  • Clinical performance management and monitoring

4.3 In relation to dental services the SPS will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring an environment within prisons that promotes oral health.
  • Security and good order within dental surgeries.
  • Structural maintenance, facilities management and cleaning services of the dental surgeries; including all fixed and non- fixed non clinical assets
  • Escorting functions to facilitate attendance at dental appointments.
  • Non-clinical dental service related complaints.

4.4 NHS Board and SPS joint responsibilities.

  • Development of a prison oral health strategy and delivery plan.
  • The management, training and support of the dental team.
  • Good governance and effective monitoring of the service.
  • Introduction of a networked dental clinical IT system.
  • Reporting and investigation of critical and adverse incidents.
  • Business continuity planning.
  • Effective and appropriate sharing of management and necessary clinically-related information.


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