The Opportunities and Challenges of the Changing Public Services Landscape for the Third Sector in Scotland: A Longitudinal Study: Year Two Report

The report provides findings from the second year of a three year qualitative longitudinal study on the third sector in Scotland.


Case Studies Field of Voluntary Activity Geographical Coverage Number of Staff/Annual Income (2008/09 unless otherwise stated) Proportion of Income from Public Funding/social enterprise
National Health and Social Care Provider Mental health, homelessness and addictions Across Scotland £22,424,000
Over 800 staff
85% from LAs and SG
National Health and Social Care Provider Disability Support Across Scotland £29,276,426 N/A
National Employability Provider Employability, regeneration and social economy Scotland and North East England more than 400 staff £16,923,623 (2007/08) N/A
Local Employability Provider Mental health Edinburgh £1,431,703.00 N/A
National Health and Social Care Provider Disability Support Care, Education, Health & Employment support to disabled people Delivers services people from 29 LA's £29,719,000 86%, is generated by funding from local authorities
Regional Learning Provider
Disability Support 8 LA's in Scotland £562,793
16 staff
93% public funding
Local Learning Provider Learning and childcare provider North Glasgow £1,307,888.00 N/A
Local Health and Social Care Provider Social care and sustained employment services Scottish Highlands £725,566 N/A
Focus Groups
Health and Social Care FG Community services Aberdeen N/A N/A
Health and Social Care FG Disability/young people Central Belt, Glasgow & Highlands £43,300,000 81% from LAs
Health and Social Care FG Learning disabilities & mental health 5 LAs in the West of Scotland 240 staff £4M Mostly from LAs
Health and Social Care FG Childcare and learning support Highlands, Moray, Argyll and Bute N/A N/A
Employability FG Employability Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh £1,846,820 statutory sector (46%)
Employability FG Criminal justice services 25 LAs in Scotland £9,794,000 SG and LAs 91%
Employability FG adult learning Most LAs in Scotland £2,698,338 N/A
Employability FG Employability Dundee N/A approximately 24 staff N/A
Equalities FG
Young people and Health Edinburgh £316,460 10 staff Public sector 92%
Equalities FG
Learning disability Edinburgh N/A NA
Equalities FG
Lone parents National Advice service & projects in 6 LAs £2,057,605 National 45% from public funding Local 72% from public funding
Equalities FG
Gender and employability Edinburgh N/A N/A


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