The Opportunities and Challenges of the Changing Public Services Landscape for the Third Sector in Scotland: A Longitudinal Study Year Three Report (2009-2012)

The report provides findings from the the first three years of a qualitative longitudinal study on the third sector in Scotland


The research team would like to thank all the organisations and respondents who gave generously of their time in order to participate in and make this research project possible.

The research team gratefully acknowledges contributions to the report from colleagues at the Employment Research Institute, in particular Ronald McQuaid who participated in the Employability Focus Group.

We would also like to thank Dr Kay Barclay at the Scottish Government and members of the Research Advisory Group (RAG) for their support and guidance. Members of the RAG during the course of the project included:

Denise Swanson, Scottish Government
David Milne, Scottish Government
Sinead Power, Scottish Government
Shona MacPherson, Scottish Government
Anita Morrison, Scottish Government
Sarah Campbell, Scottish Government
David Henderson, Scottish Government
Ruchir Shah, SCVO
Jon Harris, COSLA
Pat Armstrong, ACOSVO
Bren Neale, Leeds University
Jeni Harden, Edinburgh Napier University
Kathryn Backett Millburn, University of Edinburgh


Email: Carol Brown

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