The Opportunities and Challenges of the Changing Public Services Landscape for the Third sector in Scotland: A Longitudinal Study (2009 - 2013): Year 4 and Final Report

The report uses qualitative longitudinal research within 21 third sector organisations to investigate their responses to the opportunities and challenges of the changing public services landscape in Scotland between 2009 - 2013. It builds upon the earlier reports on each of the first three years of the project.


1 See Appendices A-D for more details on the methods, interview schedule and participating organisations.

2 Businesses that trade for social and/or environmental purposes. Profits or surpluses are reinvested into their social and environmental purposes.

3 The proposed new form of welfare payments that brings together a range of working-age benefits (e.g. Income Support, Jobseeker's Allowance) into a single payment.

4 A mandatory Department for Work and Pensions programme that provides support, work experience and training for up to 2 years to help people (mainly the long-term unemployed) find and stay in work. It is provided by two private, prime contractors in Scotland.

5 Local authority payments available for anyone who has been assessed as needing help from social services. They are normally available to carers aged 16 or over.

6 Except where indicated, all of the anonymised quotes are from the Year 4 fieldwork.

7 A voluntary programme for people with disabilities providing training and development, interview coaching etc.

8 Outcomes are the results or effects of a service (usually positive but some may be negative). Some outcomes may be 'hard' (quantitative such as the number of people entering employment) or 'soft (qualitative).

9 Outputs are the results of activities and which relate in some way to the outcomes desired (e.g. providing 20 training sessions).

10 The Change Fund accessed is not specified to ensure anonymity.

11 Improving community planning in Scotland. Audit Scotland. Prepared for the Account Commission and the Auditor General for Scotland. March 2013. Available at:

12 Source of the income figures: Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator,


Email: Jacqueline Rae

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