Open Market Shared Equity (OMSE) administrative procedures: 2020

Updated guidance for administering agents on the Open Market Shared Equity (OMSE) scheme's administrative procedures.

Section Three: Monthly report

3.1 The Scottish Government monitors how the Open Market Shared Equity Scheme is progressing. Administering Agents must therefore submit a monthly report to the relevant Scottish Government's Housing Markets Team by the 2nd day of every month. The report must cover the items shown in Annex E and must be compiled on a cumulative basis each financial year. For example, a report submitted by 2 March 2012 must include information from 1 April 2011 to 28 February 2012 inclusive. When preparing the monthly report Administering agents should be aware that the number of live passports, sales to date and expired passports should equal the total number of passports issued.



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