Open Data Resource Pack

This Open Data Resource Pack is intended to help public authorities throughout Scotland develop and implement their own plans for open data.

10. Training and Resources

To help get you started we have pulled together all of the useful resources referenced throughout this pack, plus a few extra.

Scottish Government Training

In July 2015 the Scottish Government ran a procurement process for the provision of open data training across Scotland. Once a successful supplier is selected, it is expected that training courses will begin in September 2015. Training courses are expected to be on offer until September 2016, at which time the training offering will be reviewed.

More information about the training available will be provided here.

Online Resources

The open data guides cover most elements of open data and you may find it helpful to refer to them first before using more specific guidance.

Open data guides - For those new to open data

Open Data Handbook

Open Data White Paper

8 Principles of Open Data

Open data guides - Further information

Open Data Field Guide

Open data value framework

Open Government Toolkit

Open Data Playbook

W3C Best Practice

Asset register

National Archives Asset List Guidance

National Archives Identifying Information Assets and Business Requirements

National Archives Information Asset Register Guidance

National Archives Public Sector Information Guidance


How to run a hackathon

How to run datapalooza or data jam

5 Stars of Open Data Engagement

The ODI - Engaging with reusers


5 Star Schema

Choosing formats


Guide to Open Data Licensing

Publishers Guide to Open Data Licensing

The Open Government License

Open Data Commons Licenses

National Archives Guidance

Creative Commons licence chooser

Licensing Open Data: A Practical Guide


The ODI - Marking up your dataset with DCAT

Data Catalog Vocabulary (DCAT)

Dublin Core Elements

DCMI Metadata Basics

NISO Understanding Metadata

Selecting Data

Socrata Top Datasets


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