Offshore wind policy statement

Sets out our ambitions for the future of offshore wind in Scotland and sets the context for Marine Scotland's Sectoral Marine Plan for Offshore Wind, which will be published in parallel with this document.

Executive Summary

  • We believe that as much as 11 GW of offshore wind capacity is possible in Scottish waters by 2030. Our Sectoral Marine Plan (SMP)[7], now, and through its future updates, will set the course for this delivery, maximising deployment in Scottish waters whilst protecting marine users and our environment.
  • We will build on the launch of our ScotWind leasing round in June this year – this offers the first round of seabed leasing for offshore windfarms in Scottish waters for a decade, with Crown Estate Scotland managing the seabed assets of Scotland to deliver on our net zero ambitions. We intend our second round to follow in 2022/23]
  • We will continue to constantly review and improve our processes. Our response to the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery report[8] confirmed that work is underway to undertake a review of the key issues facing our planning and consenting frameworks. This will aim to strengthen our natural capital and streamline our approach, while maintaining the rigour of the assessment system and the protections it offers Scotland's rich natural environment.
  • We will continue to fight for Scotland's interests across the range of reserved policy and regulatory areas that directly affect the offshore wind sector. These include the design of the CfD regime, the approach to network design and provision, and transmission charging.
  • We will conduct a review and relaunch of our support for renewable energy innovation. This will enable us to build effectively on the support we've delivered for innovation, research and skills development in the offshore wind sector over the past few years – with almost £10 million directed into projects since 2014.
  • We will continue to work through the Scottish Offshore Wind Energy Council (SOWEC), and through the Offshore Wind Industry Council (OWIC) to fully understand and tackle the range of significant barriers facing the deployment of offshore wind – building the collaborations and supporting the innovation necessary to achieve this.
  • We will continue to make every effort to maximise the economic benefit from developments in Scottish waters – protecting our indigenous supply chain and ensuring that the Scottish economy sees the full benefit of these massive infrastructure projects.
  • We will work to develop our skills landscape and supply chain to allow Scotland to truly deliver on these projects.
  • We will continue to ensure that communities who host development, and those most affected by development, will also share in the benefits. We are committed to a net zero economy that is fair for all, and the creation of a more cohesive and resilient economy that improves the opportunities, life chances, and wellbeing of every citizen.
  • We will continue to develop and strengthen our international relationships. Scotland is renowned as a renewables pioneer, and also leads the world in our decarbonisation and Just Transition agendas. We will prioritise offshore activity and collaborations that promote learning and policy exchange, build upon Scotland's reputation and increase our attractiveness to international partners and ensure a flow of new investment.



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