NHSScotland Staff Survey 2015 National Report

This National Report provides an overview of the results of the 2015 NHSScotland Staff Survey. The National Staff Survey gives all NHSScotland staff the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience of working for the organisation.

12 Overall experience of working for NHSScotland

The results in this section relate to the questions from the 2015 Staff Survey in respect of staff overall experience of working for NHSScotland, as shown in Figure 12.

All of the statements in the 'overall experience' section had a percentage positive response of at least 53% for NHSScotland as a whole, none of the questions showed an improvement over the 2014 results.

The statement at Q6‐3 I am happy to go the 'extra mile' at work when required had the highest percentage positive response of all the 2015 Staff Survey questions (89%). It was also the highest scoring statement in 2014 (90%). Across all NHS Boards, the percentage of positive responses was consistently high, for this statement ranging between 79% and 94%. Positive responses by staff groups ranged between 77% (Ambulance) and 96% (Executive Grades/Senior Manager).

Q6‐5 I still intend to be working within my health board in 12 months time also appeared in the list of the top five most positive responses (Table 1), with a positive response rate of 77%. Positive responses across the Boards ranged between 54% and 83%. Looking at results by staff group, Salaried General Practitioners recorded the highest positive response (82%). Q6‐5, along with Q6‐4 'I would recommend my workplace as a good place to work' recorded the largest percentage decrease in positive responses when comparing 2014 and 2015 i.e. two percentage points.

Q6‐1 Care of patients/service users is my health board's top priority recorded a 67% positive response rate; this is equal to the 2014 result. Across the Boards, the range of positive responses was between 39% and 86%. Positive responses by staff group ranged between 32% and 85%.

Two new questions were included in this section of the survey in 2015. Both of these questions mirrored those used in the NHSScotland iMatter survey, which uses a 6 point response scale which has no neutral option. One of these questions Q6.7 I have confidence and trust in my direct line manager, was also one of the most positive perceptions in the 2015 survey. Around 79% of staff agreed with the statement, with Health Board results ranging from 62% to 85%.

In summary, all eight statements relating to overall experience received a positive response from 53% or more of all respondents. A high level of employee commitment to their job was evidenced by the 89% of respondents who agreed 'I am happy to go the 'extra mile' at work when required'. Also, almost 77% of survey respondents agreed 'I still intend to be working with my health board in 12 months time'.

Figure 12 ‐ General ‐ Overall Experience of Working in NHSScotland

Figure 12 ‐ General ‐ Overall Experience of Working in NHSScotland

Figure 12 ‐ General ‐ Overall Experience of Working in NHSScotland

[Note: There may be variation up to 1% when compared to the Frequency Data due to rounding.]


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