NHSScotland maternity policy: equality impact assessment

National equality impact assessments were undertaken as part of the policy development process to refresh the extant NHSScotland Partnership Information Network (PIN) workforce policies. This report summarises key findings from the equality impact assessment record prepared for the NHSScotland maternity policy.

2. Background

The ‘Once for Scotland’ Workforce Policies Programme was commissioned by the Scottish Workforce and Staff Governance Committee to review and transform existing workforce policies [previously known as Partnership Information Network (PIN) Policies] in line with the following vision:

‘Once for Scotland Workforce policies will promote NHSScotland as a modern, exemplar employer; showcasing our core values, and promoting consistent employment policy and practice that supports the implementation of the Staff Governance Standard and effective recruitment and retention.’

The refreshed NHSScotland Maternity Policy reflects feedback from regional engagement events pre- and mid-policy development and formal consultation with a broad range of stakeholders. An invite to participate in the public consultation was sent to a wide range of stakeholders across NHS Boards and their staff networks, trade unions and professional organisations, and external protected characteristics equalities groups. Additional advice was sought from subject matter experts.

The policy, and associated supporting documents, set the standard for employment practice for all NHS Boards in Scotland, and are accessible through the NHSScotland Workforce Policies website. These are adopted by NHS Boards, at a local level, to ensure a fair and consistent approach to the processes relating to maternity leave and pay.

The fair and consistent application of policy and treatment of staff working for the NHS in Scotland is the key driver for the move to a single policy position.

NHSScotland workforce policies support the requirements of the Staff Governance Standard (2012), in relation to the following five strands:

  • well informed
  • appropriately trained and developed
  • involved in decisions
  • treated fairly and consistently
  • provided with a safe working environment


Email: ofs.workforcepolicies@gov.scot

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