NHS Scotland climate emergency and sustainability strategy: 2022-2026

This document sets out plans for NHS Scotland to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and impact on the environment, adapt to climate change and to better contribute to the United Nation sustainable development goals. It has been developed by the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland Assure.

Reporting our Progress

23. We want to have as accurate an understanding of our carbon footprint, environmental impact and our contribution to the UN SDGs as possible. We want this information to be accessible and published in a format which is easily understandable for our local communities, patients and staff.

Where we are now

NHS Scotland has developed a National Sustainability Assessment Tool (NSAT) which all Health Boards use on an annual basis to measure their progress across sixteen different areas of sustainability. We will continue to use this tool to assess progress on the actions set out in this strategy and our contribution to the UN SDGs and national outcomes.

NHS Scotland also reports against a number of statutory targets such as reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity. Nineteen health boards are required to prepare annual climate change reports under the Climate Change (Scotland) Act.

24. Starting in November 2022, each Health Board will publish an annual report, approved by its Chief Executive, summarising its progress against the aims and targets set out in "A Policy for NHS Scotland on the Climate Emergency and Sustainable Development" (DL (2021) 38) and the actions set out in this strategy.

25. The annual report will include the Health Board's NSAT score and highlight any examples of best practice which could be adopted across the whole of NHS Scotland. These reports will form a key part of each Health Board's annual ministerial review.

26. Starting in 2023, we will publish an annual NHS Scotland Climate Emergency and Sustainability Report setting out the progress being made across all of NHS Scotland in implementing this strategy.


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