NHS board projected staff in post changes for 2018-2019

NHS boards have been asked to provide workforce projections for 2018/19, as part of their planning process to assess if service redesign or changes in skill mix are required to best meet the needs of their population. These projections are based on staff

2. Explanatory notes

The following should be considered when interpreting the data:

  • All data shown in the tables have been provided directly by NHS boards. Baseline data at 31 March 2018 may differ from ISD Scotland's " NHSScotland Workforce National Statistics" publication http://www.isdscotland.org/Health-Topics/Workforce/. This may be, for example, due to inconsistencies in how these data are recorded within each NHS board, or data being extracted at different points in time from live systems.
  • Projections may include proposed substantive vacancy posts expected to be recruited to over the year. Projected increases therefore may be dependent on vacant posts being successfully filled, and does not necessarily imply a change in board establishment.
  • The job family name "Ambulance Services" has changed to "Ambulance Support Services". This is considered a better descriptor and less likely to be misconstrued as referring to the overall workforce in the Scottish Ambulance Service. Other workforce publications will also apply this change.
  • From 01 August 2018, GP trainees transferred employment from national health boards to NHS Education for Scotland ( NES), leading to an increase of 493.0 WTE Medical staff. Some territorial boards have also included GP trainees in their Medical staff projections for 2018/19.
  • From 01 August 2018, employment arrangements for Scotland's junior doctors were simplified. Under the new arrangements, trainees will carry on working where they are, but for administrative purposes, the 22 health board employers are being reduced to four, with trainees benefitting from having one employer for the duration of their training programme. This will apply initially to Junior Doctors, but will later include Dentists in Training. https://www.nes.scot.nhs.uk/newsroom/media-releases/improving-junior-doctors-working-lives.aspx


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